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Each horse holds a very special place in the hearts of their riders. Your donation ensures that this special connection continues, by providing basic necessities & individual needs for a horse of your choosing.

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"Every rider has that one special horse, that one horse who changes everything about them." ~ anon

GAIT maintains a herd of ten very special horses; each one unique and with very specific needs. Providing for a barn full of horses is very expensive, but GAIT's Horse Sponsorship Program helps to offset the high costs of vet care, farrier visits, basic necessities, and individual needs. When you sponsor a GAIT animal you will receive a folder containing a Sponsorship Certificate, a picture of the horse you have chosen, and a biography of that horse, not to mention the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause.

You can sponsor a horse for $100/ mo or $1200/ yr, but any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

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