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Dr. R.A. Dubensky, DVM Memorial Fund

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The GAIT Board of Directors have established the Dr. R.A. Dubensky, DVM Memorial Fund with their contributions. He passed on February 10 and will be greatly missed.
Many of you may know that Dr. Dubensky did routine and emergency care for GAIT's horses since its inception and has cared for them through thick and thin, working miracles along the way. He had a way with the horses that reduced their stress through trying times.
Not only did he care for the horses, and barn cats, but he volunteered as a sidewalker when needed and at special events. As a bee keeper, inventor, and orchardist, he donated proceeds from his entrepreneurial ventures to GAIT.
We will be forever grateful for his many contributions, as well as his free veterinary care for all of the GAIT horses and cats. The fund, established in his honor, will be used to support future veterinary care for the horses and cats.