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Help to provide bedding for GAIT Horses

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Our horses serve a variety of populations in the community, one of them being veterans. Without well rested, healthy horses, we cannot accomplish our mission.

Did You Know:

Soldiers stationed at Fort Scott, Kansas between 1842 and 1853 included up to three Companies (A, C, and F) and were made up of 60 soldiers and horses each. The horses of each company were of a designated color. The horses of Company A were black, Company C bay, and Company F sorrel. The reason for the uniform color in each company did not only make identifying a Company from a distance easier, but so the horses more readily accepted new remounts.
"Bedding protected the horses...and...helped his legs to last longer. The preferred bedding was straw, free from moldiness or weeds. Sawdust from seasoned wood, shavings, and . . peat moss were also used."

This information came from the National Park Service Site for Fort Scott and was taken from the Historic Furnishing Report for The Dragoon Stables by Sally Johnson Ketchum.

In addition to nights the horses have been in due to weather, once all this snow melts, it will begin to create icy conditions and the horses may spend more time in their stalls. At GAIT, we use a combination of specifically chosen materials to bed the stalls in order to protect them and give them rest. We use approximately 1 bag per horse per week.

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